How was your day today?

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How was your day today?

This is one of those few days I am excited to write my diary. Today had its downtimes but at the end of it all, it all ended up on a good note.

Today, I only had one class on which we talked about abilities and future. My student included me in his list. He first asked me what I want for the new year and upon listing it up, he told me that he will include me in his prayers for the new year.

People are just simply nice.

After that, my friend invited me to a Christian Christmas gathering! I had to take the train which I was a bit scared of coz it was a first time but I managed to reach the right station. Hallelujiah!

The event was amazing. It was wonderful to be around something familiar- the songs, the drama of Mary and Joseph looking for a manger, the 3 kings offering gifts. The piano presentation of O Come All Ye Faithful made me miss my sisters too. We used to do a singalong while my younger sister plays the piano.

After that, my friends invited me to some sort of "after party" at their house where we played CrossyRoad, shochu and fingerfood. I was hoping to beat the highest score but that didnt happen. But we had a great time!

I am so thankful for having them as part of my very small circle in Miyazaki. I would rather keep it at that as I learn more about living in Japan.

They walked me home and for the first time, they were able to see my place. They saw the postings on my wall. The quirky space I got- the little wall-to-wall carpeted room which is witnessed all my over-the-edged emo$#!+s.

I look forward to hosting a small event for them in the future.

So, yes, today was one of those days that is one for the books. Nothing special. Just simple events and conversations with people whom I can open up with and just be my weird self.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you universe.


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