Having so much time in my hands is not good.

Yesterday was Father's Day, I took time to post something wacky about the men in the family who I grew up with as fathers to me. From my biological father, to my uncle and to my late lolo.

Then, just now on my break time, I binged-watch several videos on my social media feeds-- reactions of first time dads upon knowing that their wife/partner is pregnant, father's day vids, greetings and the last one was a wedding sde made by a professional videographer friend somewhere in Canada.

Out of the blue, I asked myself:

Will I ever have that experience?

A dream wedding. A dream guy. A dream family.

Maybe one day, I will have the chance to write it in details, so that, at least, in writing, I have it.


  1. nag post kaya yung una kong comment? oh well hindi ka nagiisa kat. hehe

    1. mukhang eto lang yung comment na nagpost. lol


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