It was over. I remember staring blankly at the transparent roof. I was seated at one corner of the shop and I had no care what was going on. It was over. It kept running into my head. Repeatedly. I remember sitting at the same spot with my Peppermint Ginger Tea, staring blankly at the roof if I keep looking up or watching people come and go if I keep looking down. I remember fighting the tears from running down my face that entailed a tightened feeling inside my chest and I just had to endure it. After so many years, I came back here today for a different purpose yet, I still remembered. Maybe I didn't really forget or maybe I chose not to forget. I wonder why.

Then, its time to collect the book, notebook and pen. The ride home has arrived.

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  1. Sometimes, it is difficult to go back to where it happened inasmuch as it is difficult to erase something when we continuously re-enact the memories. I myself, dislike to go back where I grew up as the memories of my parents and our houses bring so much sadness. Be strong my friend.


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