MIBF 2016

I didn't get any books this year. Not even a list of pending reads like last year. Today, I bought an audio cd for kids in church and a dvd of Parables for All Ages. If I didnt walk out of the Grolier booth, I probably had bought that Talking Pen for my Talking English set.

The comic set of Trese I was saving for was already sold out. With the overwhelming number of people going around and the long lines were already exhausting sights to see.

Noringai was there for a book signing activity. I am a darn fan of her wittiness, practical and hilarious love quotes. I follow her on Tumblr but she had not updated it for quite awhile.

Last year, I were with my siblings, this year, I went alone as my sibs had their own stuff to do today as well. Maybe that's another thing that made it not-so much fun this year.

Still, MIBF is a yearly thing I look forward to. Maybe next year will be better :)

I culmimated Sunday with a frozen yoghurt I had been craving for since the day I first tasted it. That was last week, after watching Train to Busan. 😂

The taste was quite overwhelming this time. But still, it's a favorite!

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  1. Naubusan nga rin ako ng ibang librong gusto ko.


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