Stop Chasing

Whatever is being chased, tends to run away. I remember reading this somewhere. This is very true with kids, if they see any attempts or signs of being chased, they tend to run away and escape. The chickens and chicks here at home, if they feel any sign of movement towards them, they tend to run away.

The past few days, weeks, months and years had been restless. Oh well, my entire adulting process is a restless process I might say. It’s about time to slow down and smell the roses. As I close my book of 20s in the next few days, I am taking time to look back and collect all those things I had gathered in this decade. From that baccalaureate degree which equated to landing a job, being a little bit of “financially capable” of handling myself, to meeting new people, learning about people and about myself from other people, to exploring places, feelings and emotions, to constant realigning of focus and dreams, to constant reminder of what’s important, to extending of blessings, to trying to achieve more on my own set timeline…..

Now, it’s time to take a slow down on everything. I MEAN IT!

I had already given up on the idea of having my own article posted on the Youngblood column. But the idea of wanting to have one posted made me want to write more and more. Why do I need a newspaper column when I have my own page to have my thoughts published into? No deadlines. No pressure. I can post anytime I want.

End of work hours usually rushing home or running on errands making sure to still catch the last bus homebound. The bus would always be the best option for now, but should I fail to get on to it, I still have other options getting home. Just like with other things in life, if I don't get to my goal the first route, there are other routes, other plans, it may just take a little more time. With a little bit more of patience.

I try to fill every single day with something I would like to reminisce in the future. Only to realize that not every memory is worth-keeping nor remembering. There are those, that for me to function well in the now, I had to totally think that they never happened. And there are those I would repeat in my head over and over again as if it was just from yesterday.

My reading list has been filled with stories about successful people, ways to be happy, fulfilled and how to have an organized life. Getting inspiration from the stories of other people. What I seem to have missed in every story is the element of time, patience and perseverance. I was so focused on the end of the story, that I didn’t realize the significance of the journey itself. I really should read more fiction stories so I can have an idea about how other people would feel.

I should stop chasing. Because in this life, it is really not the big dreams that is important. It’s all about family, life lessons and whatever I can share to the world to make it a better place. Because taking a slow down doesn't mean that one should stop dreaming big, I am just trying to take a breather. My 20s had been amazing, so I am trying to make sure that my incoming 30s will be awesome than ever. 

CONSTRUCTION ONGOING. NO RUSHING. Morning shot at the bus terminal bound for work.


  1. Happy Birthdey gerl! I learned so much upon reading this entry. We are personally scared about getting old alone, but again, the journey has to be cherished and learnt. :)

    More power to you

  2. Welcome to my club! Hahaha! It's really like reading my own thoughts. Confirmed. Ka age group na kita.

    At least you had a great time in your 20's. Good times for me are just about to start. What can I say? I'm a late bloomer. Ngayom lang nagdadalaga. Hahaha!


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