Things I Want To Write About

………….  thoughts and takes on the movie How to be Single.
…………..  opinion on the book Why Men Love Bitches.
…………..  our first-ever class group date last Father’s Day.
…………..  reaction while reading Me Before You.
…………..  comments while reading After You.
…………..  how to answer the “why?” follow up question after saying “Yes.” to the question, “Are you single?”

I can’t find the word to start on anything. I just want to write. Writing is like talking. It’s talking to myself and to people who would care to listen. Writing gives me the power to express myself and my thoughts in a more organized manner. Writing gives me freedom, without caring for the judgment of others and those who bother to read my thoughts.

Writing helps me keep my memory. There are a lot of things that I seem to have been forgotten but are written here or in the other private journal..

Writing helps me let go of my fears, my anger, my hatred. It also allows me to let go, be it a feeling or someone. Then look back, reflect and sigh.

At some point, well most of the time, I tell myself, I will write about it. I will write about things, but I never get them done, just because I am lazy or hesitant about things or lost for words on how to describe how things are going on with my life.

One of these days, I shall sit down, probably munching on an apple while typing away words on my keyboard for the topics abovementioned.


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