Crush on the Bus

I can’t remember the last time I had this much intense “kilig” feeling. So intense that I feel like I am high school teenager again. Feeling so shy yet so giddy whenever I get to see my “crush”.

The immediately noticed him the first time I saw him get on that morning bus. He is what I can call my “tall, dark and handsome” kind of guy. He had clean cut hair with a little bit of facial hair that looks good on him. He seem to have Indian/Middle Eastern features, with deep set eyes, squared-jaw and pointed nose. I can’t help but notice these things on his face as I get to do a few glances towards him every time we get to ride the same bus. He would usually sit or stand where I would have a chance to take a good look at him

He looks like Wes Gibbins of How To Get Away With Murder aka Alfred Enoch.

He looks really so pogi on his well-pressed, gray, long-sleeve polo tucked in slacks trousers, leather belt, dark socks and dark brown leather shoes. As if he never sweats. He looks so fresh and neat. He wears a khaki-colored small sling bag that complements his metro millennial look.

I think he is in his early to mid 20s. I am even afraid that he may be one of those youngsters who are in their “confused” stage of orientation. Hahaha.

Every bus ride that his in as well as I am, I struggle hiding my smile. Reading a book while on the bus becomes extra worthwhile since every time I take a break from the pages and glance around me, I get to see him.

I don't know how I should feel about myself regarding this matter. Every time I remember how old I am, it feels silly and funny. Why do I still act like this way?

Nonetheless, it feels good. He is one happy pill I would gladly take every day.


  1. If he's too handsome, well he's looking another handsome too. Hahaha!

    1. Yan ang kinakatakutan ko, nonetheless, crush lang din naman :)

  2. Hahaha :) nai-imagine kita cher Kat lols

    1. Hihih. Please, no. I really look like some teenager na kinikilig. Hahaha

  3. Kung puwede nga lang ikaw ang lumigaw eh di nagawa mo na. Find inspirations in your everyday dealings so that life is interesting enough to live, even with the stresses. Kinilig din ako, ha,ha,ha!

    1. Its something I look forward to almost every day. But of course, there will be days that I wont get to see him. I dont know if I'm beig mababaw or whatever, but those days are really sad days. And oh well, natatapos din ang araw, and I still look foeward to days I get to see him again. Hahaha

  4. Ahahahaha. First of all, you could pass for an editorial page credits person, i.e. --

    Long sleeved day polo in silver by Topman, dark navy (you did not say, I am guessing) slacks by Human, messenger bag by Celio, et cetera et cetera.


    Secondly, I think it's quite a harmless pasttime. My question is, do you chance on the fella on a regular basis? If so, i-project na yan! Hahahaha. Get the number, or email in the very least.

    Good to see you happy. Happy that you are happy. This is HIM, by the way. Jon's SO, in cse you do not recognize the new handle.

    1. Hi Dan!

      You just made him look more gorgeous with how you describe him. You just forgot the silver-plated Timex signature wristwatch.

      I still need to learn how to wrte things like these. Hehe

      Yes, kinda on a regular-basis but heck, I dont think I'll ever get to ask any of those info! Hahaha. But we'll see.
      For now, id rather keep him as my eyecandy.


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