Waiting for the Bus

It's been more than a month now that I take the bus to and from school. The fare is 10 pesos higher than taking the jeep+briskwalk, but I don't mind it anymore as I get to reach school fresh in the morning. No more morning walks from the mall which means no more exercise for me. 

With the regular bus rides, I had almost memorize the face of the people I share the ride with. We also seem to have our own seatplan. Same people sit at the same spot. As for me, I sit right across my crush, sitting face-to-face, though most the time, my face is buried to my Nihonggo book. But everytime I raise my head, I get a glimpse of him, enough to start my day right :) 

I would usually manage to smile to some specially those whom I had come to recognize. I also try to say "Good morning" to the driver and the conductor. 

I would notice that most of my busmates are in their yuppie yuppie corporate attire while I look like a college student with my backpack, jeans, tshirt and sneakers outfit. Add the book to complete "the look". 

Morning commute must-haves are my mobile phones, one for music and the other for Nihonggo/JLPT apps, should I get bored with reading drills, of course, a book of choice, my ever reliable Pioneer earsets, my backpack and my lunchbox. 

Then, once I get to school, it's another wacky day with kids and co-teachers alike. 

After 5pm, I go to the bus station, wait for the bus patiently. Because, most of the time, it takes forever. 

I had already experienced having my pants soaked in rain. There were times that I had ran out of downloaded vids to watch. There was also I time that I kept wiping my eyes, crying, because I was watching the last episode of Hana Yori Dango. Today, I realized, I can take the afternoon bus rides as my blog time, since the mornings are for Nihonggo time. 

Waiting doesn't have to be something boring nor something that should make us lose hope and thought of jumping on the bus that had just arrived. It's good to watch people pass by for a few minutes, but a lot of other things that can be done while waiting for the bus.

Waiting is the time given to improve. In a lot of aspects.

I remember reading somewhere, love is like waiting for a bus. (Ooopps, may hugot pa rin. Stop me pls! Aykenat!) 

You dont get in a bus that is full. You don't get in a bus just because there is a space, you also need to check it's destination. You don't get into the bus with an empty pocket. 

As I wait for the bus, I take the time to read and study. So I wont feel guilty not waking up early in the morning to study. 

As I wait for my dreams to be fulfilled, I take my time to prepare. Though, I know that I can never be. 

As I wait for that love to arrive, I learn to criticize if the space beside him will be enough to accommodate me and versa, if we are going towards the same destination, if I have enough to share. 

And yes, as I wait for the bus, it feels good to be able to write again. 


  1. Hugot sa paghihintay sa bus, hahhhaa, i have to go back sa previous posts mo to check why you went from reuters to teaching and i am kinda curios about your crush.

    Minsan talaga kapag may sasakyan kang regular, you really get to recognize sinu sinu ang mga nakakasakay mo. In my case, even sa mrt may memorized na akong kasabay ahaha,

  2. So far wala pa akong nababasa na entry na may hugot while in the toilet. Hahaha!

    Tabihan na kasi yang si crush na yan! Hahaha! Colegiala lang lagi ba ang peg? At least you're 10 years younger with your attire. hahaha!

  3. Kala ko ba hugot is soo 2015? Ano na naman to?hehe


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