Pieces of Advice

6:21 PM Sailor Venus: Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

6:22 PM Sailor Moon: Ay bakit?

6:25 PM Sailor Venus: We've been in a relationship for more than a year now. And pag me away, usually, kami din nag-uusap abt it. No friends to talk with. Sometimes I miss my old life.

6:29 PM Sailor Venus: I skipped travels para wala away. I missed friends bonding para wala away. I'm fighthing my ego and pride. Ang hirap hirap :'(

6:34 PM Sailor Venus: I don't know pero ayaw ko mawala sya.
6:47 PM Sailor Mars: Kung masaya ka pa teh sa kanya, ayusin mo. Baka napapagod ka lang.

7:25 PM Tuxedo Mask: Never never stay in a relationship in which you are losing your identity. He loved you form whom he met. If you lose yourself, who is there to love?

7:29 PM Tuxedo Mask: And why would you have to lose yourself when the goal is to grow together? Any relationship that leads to destruction is no good. Sadness is ok. It passes just like the euphoric moment of feeling of love. Feel it. Embrace it. It should teach you those things that you cannot read on books, hear from friends, nor from your partner. If you are losing yourself, let go. Turn your back and go back to things and people who can identify you. You are never meant to lose yourself. Sacrifice is not martyrdom.

7:34 PM Sailor Pluto: Pak!

7:35 PM Tuxedo Mask: Sacrifice nor martyrdom won't even apply to what you are feeling right now. As both acts have ultimate goal for the common good. As for you, it's called Stupidity. If you don't deal with it, then we can do nothing else for you but see you lose yourself. It's painful but it's a choice you've made for YOURSELF.

7:37 PM Sailor Moon : Pak na pak ni bakels!

8:14 PM Sailor Venus: Nakakatakot na advise. Lols. Makikipagbati na nga lang ako. Ayan, I made him orange juice, noodles, tas sliced him some apples. God. Lols.

8:15 PM Tuxedo Mask: Mas takot kang mawala sya kesa mawala ang sarili mo.

8:15 PM Sailor Venus: Ang hirap naman ng tanong mo. I want to keep both.

8:15 PM Sailor Moon: Aww

8:16 PM Tuxedo Mask: That's not even a question. It's a statement.

8:16 PM Sailor Mars: Better way to approach this is to pour out your feelings to him. He might not be aware of what you are going through.

8:16 Tuxedo Mask: That's another thing. Insensitivity. Why would you not be aware if you truly care.

8:17 Sailor Mars: Better work it out as a couple. Kung may problem ka about yourself, he must be made aware.

8:17 Tuxedo Mask: I'm acting like a super bad bitch here people. Hahahaha

8:17 Sailor Moon: Pag sexlife nyo na lang ako mag-aadvise. Haha

8:17 Sailor Venus: Andito n sya. Aalagaan ko muna ha. Labyu guys.


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