I tried to end whatever undefined was going on between us. I was ready to live my life the way it was without you in it. But then you said you were not yet ready to lose me in your life. The fool that I am, I stayed. Then one day, you realized that you can live your life without me and so without batting an eyelash, you told me that we should go back to living out lives the way it was when we still don't know each other. 

I said, whatever makes you happy, just go ahead. 

How I wish I didnt listen to you when you said that you were not yet ready coz I wasn't ready myself. How I wish I didn't dream of something magical. How I wish I never believed in fairy tales. 

It wasn't really complicated. It wasn't just meant to be. Reality strikes me but I have never woken up in my dreams until that moment you said that you don't want this. Whatever this is called. 

I wish you good life as I am struggling to keep up with the challenges of mine. How unfair life can be that you had to turn your back on one of the most difficult moments of my life. On those moments that all I was asking for is at least a pat of the shoulder  and a reminder that everything is just a passing moment. 

You will never know that coz you never cared. 

At all. 


  1. It is an impossibility for love to be one-way, that person will surely suffer. This is based on my experience and I suffered a lot. So when things are not meant for each other, although hard to let go, we should. I learned and only recently that I should love myself first and foremost. So do the same. Focus on what is to happen and not what did not materialize. ( Sad to know this is how it ended.)

    1. Wala rin naman po akong ile-let go :)

    2. I just hate it when things go one-sided.. Don't worry though eventually things will go the way it should be :) I think Teacher Jo is right and that we really should love ourselves before we can love others :)

  2. Sana mabasa nya ito, and I'm sure pwede itong mangyari dahil di mo naman isinulat ito sa kategoryang LLTTD, so buhay pa siya :)

    Kahit gasgas na, laging sinasabi ng kaibigan kong christian na "move-on" kahit mahirap :)

  3. I dunno what this is about, BUT. Good for you. Unrequited love is always the hardest. Be well, and be happy.

    1. There are many kinds of love and this one is just one of those that had been mistaken for something else by somebody which then lead to confusion and wrong assumptions thus a very bad ending.

      In God's time, He will lead me to the right one or should I say, God will lead him to find me :) as that should be the case :D


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