Friday got crazy.

I received an email notifying me that I passed the assessment for my application as ESL teacher for the international school. Even after the interview, I still have doubts if I would get the job coz I was so honest. Way too honest that made the recruitment officer had to think if they will consider my application.

Then, later that afternoon I got a text and a phone call letting me know that I also passed the assessment for Senior Collections Officer for the top 1 search engine in the cyberworld. The assessment was very, very rigid. The assessment cannot be taken as a joke: the recruitment officer told me that they are looking for the best in the industry, the email composition, the grammar exams that most adults fail, lastly, the excel wonders which almost ate me alive. Finally, the interview with the Operations Managers.

Being the Senior Collections Officer for this company, I know that the package offer is just right for me:

1. free food
2. competitive salary
3. transportation allowance
4. medical subsidy
5. proximity to residence
6. excel sheets all day
7. more email times
8. lesser phone times
9. dayshift

Being a teacher in a Japanese international school, I know that the deal offer will also be very fit for me:

1. Japanese pre-school environment
2. teaching
3. proximity to residence
4. dayshift
5. Php 50k bond should I leave within the year
6. Nihonggo practice

Then, I remembered The Little Prince, it said that, adult people as busy with the matters of consequence.

It would have been easy to choose the collections officer position. That would have been the most ideal choice. If I were in a different situation, I would have immediately said yes, sign the papers and love the job that will be my bread and butter. The salary that is almost twice that of being a teacher. This is the kind of job I know I do best.

But I had to sit down and go back to my long term goals. Teaching makes me feel I am at my best. Always. Also, going to Japan is my end in mind.

I am would like to go back to this post someday to see if I had made the right choice.
So help me God.


  1. Do not regret your decision because you are aiming for something higher. Remember, we take things in steps, one at a time. When I entered the international system, there were so many trials and challenges and there still are, but I managed to take things in a different perspective. Good luck Cher and do visit after some years ( re post about the garden).

    1. Yes, will do. I was thinking of detailing my language-learning journey as well. Hopefully I can :) :) Salamat :D :D :D

  2. I really do not know the exact words to say to you dear, as I am still a newbie teacher. But I do hope that whatever decision you choose, I hope it will lead you to a happy/wholesome experience :) P.S thanks for reminding me about The Little Prince, it is true that it is very hard to be an adult and a child at the same time :)

    love lots,

    1. Every school year is a new experience dahil bagong bata ang pumapasok and every new experience is mixed with delight and realizations. Yes, I also hope and pray na at the end of the day, I get to share the joy from this decision I had made.

      The Little Prince... whenever I feel tired about being an adult, I go back to this masterpiece and I am ok again.

  3. When it rains, it pours. Good for you. I cannot comment, being that I make certain questionable decisions in life, and it's only in the end that I find that I did. Funny, though that all things work out in the end. *small chuckle*

    So I'll go totally Disney with this one and say, "Follow your heart." Incredibly happy for you.

    1. Thankee Erik! Hope to bump into you at Fullybooked! Hahaha.. I pass by there every day :) :)

      We all have made decisions in the past and did things that we are not proud of but those are all over and the only thing we can be is a better version of ourselves every time we pick up ourselves from a downfall.


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