Wait. Learn. Practice. Believe. Conquer.

I didn't receive the phone call however, my cousin found ways for me to be able to attend the orientation last Sunday. He contacted the person who will be facilitating the orientation, linked us on facebook and said that I can just go ahead, walk-in and come to the event.

As expected, there are many others who are interested to live and work in Japan as well. A number of the attendees are already public school teachers and they said that they are willing to give up their positions as soon as they have guaranteed jobs in Japan.

It will be a long journey. Good thing that Ms E was very accommodating with questions, tips on how to do the demo lesson, and I can really feel her sincerity when she said that wanted more Filipinos to work in Japan. That a simple "Thank You" makes her heart leap with so much joy.

The process will be tedious. I never thought that thinking to work overseas will require a very long wait and series of exams. I imagine it to be something like a regular local job hunt, interview and then later on I'm hired. But it was not like that at all. Not at all. My aunt had warned me that it will really be a long wait to bear. My Kuya G waited for another three years before he was able to go back to Japan.

Fifty percent of the possibility of getting hired lies on the video demo lesson that she will be presenting to the different regions of the Board of Education of Japan for screening and selection. It's a 5-minute video to which almost half of the chance is dependent to. Another pre-requisite is the N5 Level Japanese Proficiency Level Test (JPLT) Certification that will be administered sometime in July.

I went home and explained everything to my Papa and Mama.

Papa: Kung ayan na talaga ang gusto mo, mag-aral ka na nga ng Nihonggo. May pera ka pa ba?
Me: May ipon naman po ako kay Tita pero ayoko rin pong maubos yun. Nag-start na din ako sa online teaching ko pero nag-eestablish pa lang din ako ng clientele. And if ever, sakto-sakto lang din talaga ang kikitain ko dun. 
Papa: Ganun talaga, pero kung yan talaga ang gusto mo, mag-focus ka na dyan. 
Me: Thank you Papa. Pag wala na ko pera, bigyan mo ko ah. Kawawa kaya ko. Ma, punta kong Japan, kasi gusto ko po talagang makita si Hello Kitty. 

So, for now, I am on flexi-sched and I make sure I don't spend so much time scrolling and scrolling. I still appear online on facebook for chatting and messaging from time to time.

The way I see it, this will be the longest preparation I am going to do for a job application. Before this, the longest unemployed status I ever had was only for a week, enough time to process the requirements for the new job. Looks like I am closing my 20s with  an ending of my BPO career and a preparation to another career path in another land.

So, I think God is telling me He will take me to Japan, but not so soon.

For 2016, looks like I wont be earning that much monetarily, however, I will be learning a new language in exchange of that humbling experience to be part of a Japanese local school to teach them a new language that can open a lot of opportunities to them just like it did to me.

I am writing this down as a starting point to a certain goal for me to see how it develops and it ends. Be it triumphant. Be it negative. I want to write it down so I can remember how my feelings will ride that roller coaster. How high and low can I ever be. To remember the people who will be involved as I take this journey. Also, how well can I grasp the new language that will open new doors to me as well.

May I always find inspiration to pursue this goal. It's not Suntok Sa Buwan, but I know that it will entail a lot of hardwork and perseverance.

I have a pending application to this international pre-school that will be very much relevant to my target position in Japan. I hope she contacts me soon. That way, I get to practice with real kids before the video demo sometime in March.

As Cher Jo had mentioned, Believe and Conquer.

Thank you Lord for giving me supportive parents, surrounding me with positive people and letting me keep my faith despite my being stubborn at times. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday. 21Feb2016


  1. Never imagined that the process of hiring is tedious and really a test of fate. May He guides you in your endeavour as we only watch you pursue your goals in life. We can not help but support your goal and by the five words - wait, learn, practise, believe and conquer- anything in our minds can become a reality. Sending my love and best wishes.

    1. *cyberhugs*

      Thank you. Thank you. Basta, eyes on the goal. Yet, wherever God leads me to. I pray for peace and obedience.

      Matagal-tagal na preparasyon. Sabi nga nung may-ari ng agency who happens to be the friend of kuya, "makakarating din kayo sa Japan, sa tamang panahon."


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