Taking Charge

Today's morning was supposed to be dedicated to taking Mama for check up due to dry cough since Thursday. I even scolded her for not telling me about her fever on Friday night. When I arrived at my parent's place, Mama asked if we can take Doydoy with us since he also has fever, stomachache and had been vomiting. I insisted we take him to the ER of my favorite hospital. So, while Mama was having her check up at the outpatient clinic of the hospital. Doydoy and I were at the Emergency Section where a dose paracetamol was given to him intravenously, followed by a urine test and then a CT sonogram to check his internal organs for other complications.

Attending to a family member in a hospital or accompanying them for a check up will always be an adult moment for me. I was ready to give up the afternoon training session for the home-based job I signed up with since I just can't leave Mama and Doydoy there to wait for the results and whatever the doctor might say. Prescription meds were given to Mama while we are still waiting for the diagnosis for Doydoy later that day. 

Bebz, my younger sister, 5th in order, next to Doydoy, that makes me the 3rd child and Doydoy the 4th child in a siblings of 6. LOL. Just wanna explain it that way. 

Bebz said that she can cover for me as the companion so I can attend to my training in the afternoon. I know that I can always re-schedule it, but I realized that she wanted to take charge and I would be more than happy to give her the chance. 

In the family, I used to be the one who would always take charge. As the Ate, my decisions, eventhough it sometimes don't jive with that of Papa's, will always have a bearing in the family. Most of the time it's tiring and of course, I make sure to consider my parents' wisdom on every matter. It's a personal rule for me to consult my parents on matters that I know I can talk to them about. Theirs will always be the final say on family concerns. 

Today, it's a little bit different. Bebz, took charge of things. Sent me home. Attended to Mama and Doydoy and checked on me if I was able to proceed with my training and kept on updating me with how things were at the ER. 

I texted her: "Adult kna Bebz :) Thank you for taking charge!" 
She replied: "Anu b yan.. pinatanda mo ko!!" 

Adulting is more than an action.  (Millenials can come up with so many terms and this is one of the latest) Forming the word that way made it look like it's pretentions and not real. Being an adult is more than just pretending. One sacrifices some personal gains for the sake of the people we care about--our family, that's a sign of being an adult. Sacrifices cannot be made out of pretentions. 

I am still worried about Mama and Doydoy but I am happy to see Bebz take charge. I know that even if I am not home, my family will be there for each other, especially for my parents. I guess my tough love for my younger siblings works after all. I am now less worried about them, they are actually more worried about how I spend my days now. Checking on me every now and then, asking about my plans and all. 

As for Bebz, it is more than just a moment of being an adult, she took charge and she won't unlearn that, ever. For once you step into adulthood, you can never go back. It honestly feels good to see somebody take charge on something that used to be mine. But of course, I would always be worried at the back of my head how she is coping up with this adulthood thingy. 

Oh hospitals, things to make me see. Feelings you make me feel. 


  1. Well written esp when you introduced the people then the events and lastly, the transfer of duty and realization. I was asked lto take charge of my family some years back but I declined because of selfishness then a regret I have since then. Maybe I am not 'that' matured to take charge.

  2. I was composing this in the cab on my way home and I know I just have to write it down coz I'm afraid I will forget about it. It may look like a small thing but seeing my younger sibs take charge at home, I know that my parents would be fine and my sibs as well. They can rely on each other.

    We all have our sets of fears.... and things we've done that we are not proud of, then we learn.

    Maybe maturity isn't really a holistic thing that happens to a person, coz for me, I know that there are topics that I can talk about very maturely, but there are still those in which my naivety and fears take charge. Hehe..

  3. In the family, I used to be the one who would always take charge.

    It's about time you take a load off, if only once in a while.

    Adulting is more than an action.

    Sinabi mo. Some people NEVER complete this phase in life. They simply grow up (their bodies, anyway) but do not become any more responsible, or mature.

    Maybe maturity isn't really a holistic thing that happens to a person, coz for me, I know that there are topics that I can talk about very maturely, but there are still those in which my naivety and fears take charge..

    Hmmm. I think it's the same with most people. And I think maturity happens gradually, with experience, and practice.

    Great read, by the way.

    1. My question is, how do you do that italicized text in the comment box? That is a serious question. Please. Hehe

    2. My good signorina,

      Lagyan mo ng "" san italicize and end with "" (Remember to remove the quote marks, though.)

      Or, as an alternative, write the text inside the NEW POST section of your blogger account. Copy the HTML coding of your text into the comment box, hit publish and poof!

      It became Cococrunch!

    3. Oh no. That wasn't quite right. I better take a screenshot, instead. (Kasi'y nag apply ng formatting, just now. Sa previous comment kow.)


  4. Aw, that means na ang tanda tanda na talaga natin. IDK with millenials but i think we're too hard on ourselves sometimes right? kahit hindi naman required mag porsige, we still keep on doing that. :)

    natural lang sating "young adults" ang mag alala sa family at i take and welfare nila, cause i guess, diyan tayu napalaki and it's a good sign for people like us. :)

    God bless to you and to your family! Releasing blessings, healing, love and intact family relationship sa inyo yccos./ :)

    1. Thank you Steve :)
      I dont work in the McKinley area anymore. Sayang, di man lang tayo nagkita :)
      Hope to bump into you! I promise to say hi! Hahaha


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