No Phone Call Today.

I did not receive the call I was waiting for today. The lady promised me they will call, but they never did.

The day that I went home unemployed, I had focused all my energy and thoughts to the idea that I want to work in Japan as a teacher. In my head, the series of the situations is toward that track. So, I took my time, sent applications here and there. Tried doing follow up calls once a week about the status, was given a date for an interview, was promised that I will receive a phone call as soon as the interview date is near. The orientation/interview is for tomorrow. I waited the whole day. I never received the call.

Everyday, I think about it. I even wrote an essay why I want to teach in Japan, hoping to have it posted as soon as the process for employment gets started. I even look for signs: I got hired as a home-based online english tutor to Japanese clientele, on Feb 14th, we ate a Japanese restaurant for lunch and dinner, early this morning, the lady beside me was reading a book about Tokyo. In my head, I'm still praying for God to approve with what I hope for.

I missed the first step. That's what I have been telling myself and my heavy heart.

Then a friend told me "Hehe d p nmn yan ktpsan DBA smula p lng drtng dn un mnwla ka."

I have been trying to find answers why I did not get that call. It felt so important coz it's the first step to everything.

  • My experience in teaching is limited to two years eventhough I graduated with a degree related to teaching
  • I am just one of the thousands who wants to go abroad for greener pasture
  • My resume didn't look that impressive
  • In my prayers, I say, may He give me that thing that will help in doing the greater good. 
In my prayers, I had included that if ever it's not for me yet, may He grant me that peace and acceptance no matter how events would turn because I know that He has better plans for me. 

I just wanna make hugot. Can I make hugot. No, enough with the hugot, that is so 2015. 


  1. *warm big bear hugs*

    Maybe God has a different plan for you. Something grander. More spectacular. And then years from now, you'll back at all of these and understand.

    Or, nite test ni Lord tibay ng kapit mow.
    Or, talagang di pa talaga tapos. May part II si process at di nila natawagan lahat (malay naten in tranches ang pagtawag.)
    Or, hindi ito ang God's will. Sa ibang direksyon ka pala dapat. Pa USA. *small laugh*

    "Be still, and know that I am God." forgetting the Bible reference just now. But.

    1. Ang prayer ko na ngayon is may He lead me to that mission towards the greater good to glorify His name.

      Grabe lang talaga mag-test si Lord!


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