Dear You,

The moment I saw, I really wished to myself that I hope you're the one. But I can only dream. 

You can never be mine and I can never be worth your time. You are too much for me. A prayer answered gazzillion times! Not too much for me to handle but somebody too much for me to receive. You deserve someone far more better than I am.

With that in mind, I write this letter which you will never get to read, letting it be known how much I adore you. Your smile, your dreams, the you. 

I had wished for someone like you yet I felt that I have nothing much to offer that can make you stay. I have lost some battles and I had grown weak. I have lost my pride and I am slowly losing it again falling for you. I can't make you happy the same way that you can make my world go bright. I can only offer you my love. My love which I am afraid may not be enough for you because you deserve more. 

I have no plans of letting you read this. I just want to write this. Something I can go back into and when I feel better and had moved on, I can laugh at it and remember how crazy I had been to fall in love with you even at the very short while. Getting the chance to save my ass before I plunge into having the courage to say I like you. Knowing that I am not worth it. 

I thank God you came my way. Even just for awhile. 


The letter is really for a guy I used to have a huge crush and had passed away a month ago after a 7-month battle against cancer. 


  1. It is a pity that the person didn't get to read your letter before he left. In his battle, you could have been there even for some time, letting him know that you wanted him. I know it is difficult because it is us the living that will feel the most pain but I learned that what we feel, we should share.

    You are a wonderful person, and hopefully someone will come soonest.

    1. I always forget to take note of the date pn my notepad before I edit, I cant remember tuloy when I did originally write this. Anyway, we were never close though we do know a few people in common. I met him twice on a couple of social events we were both invited to. He was from Naga City and he was close friends with the owner of the art gallery-cum-resto I visited in Naga. He was part of a startup company, Dream Project, whose aim is to help build dreams and act on it for people in underprivilege sector. A dreamengineer, as they call each one of them. I knew that he is just too high for me to reach yet too young to die :( I had only known of his death via instagram when his friend posted a eulogy for him. He is like another Atom Araullo for me.

    2. How about looking into his dream project and then build on it? I think it is a worthwhile project that you will also enjoy doing and in a way, a tribute to a man you once loved.

    3. It was a short-lived love and Im just so blessed to have known him...

      His passing through in my life made me realize that no matter how cruel life maybe, this world is still full of wonderful people :)

      Dream Project is partnering with academic institutions and other NGOs.. Hopefully, I can start lending a had as well.

  2. damang-dama ko ang sulat na ito...

    1. I remember when I wrote this I was half-daydreaming and half-writing it. Hayst. Didnt know he'd be gone so soon. Sana nagnakaw ako ng halik. Haha

    2. Dapat talaga ginawa mo na yun cher Kat hehehe :)

  3. Time will find a way to put everything in place :) No worries

    1. There are those moments that it really feels hopeless for me nonetheless, I still hope for the best because I still long to do something for the greater good and somebody to share that with. Life aint a walk in the park anyway.


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