I Have A Problem

I can't stop scrolling and it's my never-ending struggle. 

I tried to replace this thing in my hand with a book but after an hour, I am at this again. I really should be reading something else other than those I see on social networking sites, my emails and the news. I need to read legit books! 


How can I stop scrolling?!!!!!! 


  1. Hide all your electronic gadgets in the closet, and grab a book.

  2. It could just be a phase. I have those phases when I'm obsessed with social networking and after some time, it dissipates. Let it flow and take each day as it comes. Most of all, do what makes you happy.

  3. Try to delete your social media apps in your phone. Also try to bring a book that you've been wanting to read everywhere. You'll never know when you'll get a time to relax. For instance, while riding in a vehicle, you may grab your book and read it. Or if you have extra time to spare during your lunch break, you can also send it reading too :)

    love lots,


  4. i agree sa mga suggestions nila cher Kat :)
    itago ang mga gadgets or ilagay sa mga lalagyan na di madaling makita hahaha para less ang temptation, o kaya ay burahin ang ilang mga apps na ubos oras at di naman masyado importante
    pero mahirap talaga kasi nai-experience ko rin yan.

    so pano nga ba? lols


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