Liebster-turned-Lobster Award

I had been nominated by June of Life and Spices for the same award a year ago. Feel na feel ko talaga ang award lalo na in terms of being sweet, kind, nice, blah blah blah..... 

It's always fun answering questions like these. Since I am killing time off at work and that Army Navy reward on it's way, I can't help but make patol to this again and again. Hahaha..

This time, I would like to thank Froi Dencio for nominating me. So, here goes my answers: 
  1. If by some chance you turned into a talking toad, what are you going to do aside from talking?
            I'm gonna dance! Haha. 

     2.  What Filipino food best describe your love life today?

            Adobo dahil walang maling luto basta masarap ang end product tulad ng kahit kelan ay hindi mali ang magmahal. Haha

     3.  This is related to no. 1. You turned into a talking toad but can only blurt 6 words. What are you going to say and to whom are you going to say it? (Note: Only a kiss from a human being will turn you back to normal.)
          To Future Boyfriend: Antagal mo ha. Kiss me na. 

     4.   Aside from world peace and forever, what are you going to wish for if a genie grants you a wish? Bawal magwish ng another wish.
            To be a good citizen, daughter, sister, friend, lover and human being in general.

     5.   What are you going to do if you were trapped on an elevator with the man/woman of your dreams for 24 hours? (Note: walang signal ang phone nyo at lobat na rin kayo pareho)

            OHEMGHEEE. Ang hirap naman sagutin kasi yung totoo, natataranta ko kapag nakikita ko ang crush ko. Lol. I guess, anything funny to make the time pass by and conversation topics that would make him want more time to be with me. Hihihihi...

      6.   What obscure English word best describe yourself? (Give three with definition please. >_<)

                Panglossian- characterised by or given to extreme optimism, especially in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity
                         Guileless-  naive

                        Eristic- someone enjoying argument for its own sake 

      7.   If you are going to change the scientific name of human beings, what would it be and why?

             Homo Stultuincaritate - Human Stupid in Love 

      8.   What facial feature of a person appeals to you the most? (exclude the eyes, nose, lips and teeth.)
              Ears, cheeks, eyelashes and hair na lang pagpipilian dito ah, nagtira ka pa! Lol. Sige na nga, neat and clean hair. Yung kapag hinawakan ay malambot at mabango.

      9.    What is your favorite '90s TV program?
              Sailor Moon 

    10.  How are you going to react if you were crowned the titleholder of a prestigious international male/female pageant? Show your reaction using a gif.

I would like to thank Google for the answers for the difficult questions :D 


This is Pitch Perfect 2 hangover. Hehehe...

I find it relaxing to learn one song per month. At least it gives me a break from the usual stuff I think of every day. Then, the frustrated musician in me rejoices every time I get to complete a song. 

This is Flashlight, I am not familiar with the radio version sang by Jessie J but I love the one on Youtube acoustic version released by Hailee Steinfeld, it's very short and very easy to play :) :) 

When tomorrow comes I'll be on my own Feeling frightened of The things that I don't know When tomorrow comes Tomorrow comes When tomorrow comes And though the road is long I look up to the sky And in the dark I found, lost hope that I won't fly And I sing along, I sing along, then I sing along I got all I need when I got you and I I look around me, and a see sweet life I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night Kick start my heart when you shinin' in my eyes Can't lie, it's a sweet life I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top Cause and I'm not the afraid when the rain won't stop Cause you light the way You light the way, you light the way I got all I need when I got you and I I look around me, and see sweet life I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night Kick start my heart when you shinin' in my eyes Can't lie, it's a sweet life I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night Cause you're my flash light You're my flash light You're my flash light, ohh


Happy Tuesday!!!!

Circumstance vs Choice

I’ve been trying to compose this in my head. How would I say it. How would I answer it.
From a not-so recent conversation with friends over pizza, I was asked if my being single is a matter of choice, or a matter of circumstance.

My social network newsfeed is abundant with statuses about kids, weddings, lovers and comforting words about being single. I can’t help but like them all. I had to stop peeking through this site because, instead of making me feel better and happy for them, I end up getting succumbed with self-pity and questions about why am I single.

How come this girl I know, who isn’t so smart, who isn’t so cute, has a boyfriend, and I don’t? How come this boy who said liked me and whom I used to exchange SMS with is now committed to
another girl and they look happy together? How come guys would all of a sudden prop up of your life and suddenly be gone and then you’ll find out they are with somebody else? There's this guy I like who seem to like me as well but really, I am just dreaming. Nothing but a way to let time pass. Ugh. Suck it. If I continue further, I may just end up feeling bad about other people and myself.

First, my being single is a matter of circumstance. No one seems to like me that much to think, ask and court me to be the girlfriend.

It’s also matter of choice. I came from a very bad break up. It happened many years ago and I recently started to be in conversation terms with my ex-boyfriend however, the experience taught me a lot of lessons that made me want to take things slow, and hopefully with right and a good start this time with whoever he is. That’s very easy to say yet very difficult to keep because there will be days that I get into this wishful thinking that I am with someone right here, right now. 

Someone rolled into one to be my bestfriend, partner in crime, cheerleader, disciplinarian and co-dreamer. Someone who won’t be discourage to see me gain so much weight, snore at sleep, cry in the movies, curse when pissed off, no-comb hair, listen to my illusions and musings.

Now you see why it’s a matter of circumstance? Because no such person exist. Why it’s a matter of choice? Because I still believe that one day, I’ll find my imperfect perfect match.

Forgive me, it’s the time of the month aside from I am currently recovering from bacterial conjunctivitis. 

This too, shall pass. 

First And Final

You were seated across the table, eyeing me intently. It's been awhile I had an eye-to-eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. It felt so intimate, penetrating my soul. Your gaze pierced through me, making me feel so vulnerable that when I opened my mouth to speak, I stuttered. 

I tried to do the same. I didn't blink as I studied your face. Our eyes were the ones talking, immersed in their own intimate conversation. I was the first one to look away, breaking the tension that is building up. I realized that what we were having is making me weak little by little, pulling down my defenses and disarming me.

I focused my attention to something else, doing my best to appear nonchalant but to no avail. I couldn't help but to look again. Damn it, you were still staring at me. I don't know exactly if I was anxious or elated. And I'm not sure if it ever showed in my face. Then, you did something that gave me butterflies in my stomach.

You smiled. A mischievious kind of smile. I wanted to ask you that time, "What are you thinking? What's on your mind?"

Behind us, fireworks began glittering against the dark sky of the night. I returned the gesture, giving a somewhat reserved smile and then shifted my gaze to the quiet cityscape in front of us. The noise of the firecrackers echoed and their light sparkled all around us until silence and darkness befell us once again, the excitement they brought now gone like a love I once lost. I looked back at you and caught you still eyeing me.

It's been awhile that I felt something like this. Curious, uneasy, self-conscious, and insecure. Your mysterious actions gave me this desire I can't ignore. A desire to lay down beside you on the grass, put my head on your chest to hear the slow beating of your heart. I wanted to feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe for me. I wanted your hands to caress my hair as we turn our gaze towards the billions of stars above.

But I'm afraid it can never happen again. That thing again with you. 

Edited by: Geoseff Garcia

I Need Some Sleep

I am writing this while I am in the office. My workstation is located a few feet away from the glass wall. It is raining very hard outside and I can hear the whistling blow of the wind, I can see the rainwater slamming on the surface  then flowing downwards like tiny slits trying to make slashes on the glass then slowly diminishing to become big droplets of water sliding down.

While everyone is clamoring about how good of a bed weather we are having right now, how good it is to just stay home and sleep, I have been having difficulty lulling myself to sleep for the past few days because of this weather.Aside from the hassle of getting to and from work to home due to the heavy rains, cold temperature and muddy streets, the sound of the heavy rain on our roof is really giving me a hard time sleeping.

I thought working for additional two hours every day would give me that mental and physical exhaustion so that when I get home, I will have no other longing but to sleep. All I have right now are shoulder pains and lower back pains.

A lot of people won’t easily understand what I am going through. I, myself, am trying to figure out. The typhoon Reming happened many years ago but it still haunts me every time it rains. Or maybe, I just need someone beside me at this kind of weather, what do you think?

Ugh. I just hope this bad weather ends soon.

It’s the end of the week, I hope to have a good night sleep later. No board games again. No going out. Hopefully no popping of Melatonin, too. We’ll see. For now, I still have 8 hours of work I wish would end sooner.