Daily Dose of Chicken Soup

It became a habit to flip a book before I sleep. A short story. A poem. A note. 

This time, I had decided to re-read the Chicken Soup for the Soul 101 Stories. Today, instead of just one, I finished 3 and decided to write this before I close my eyes. 

The first entry talks about dreaming big. The second one about having someone as a source of encouragement and the third one about missing a birthday. All of which are things I need to learn in my daily struggle. 

I have dreams. Big dreams and I realize that I haven't really worked hard to achieve it. If I wanna get that article posted, then I should start writing about it. If I wanna ace school, then I should spend more time studying. If I wanna land that dream job, then I should start writing that cover letter and resume. If I wanna travel places, then I should start moving.

I easily gets discouraged. I doubt myself so much. But I try to find encouragement from others that is why I always feel good when surrounded by wonderful people. I need to find the courage to trust myself and others so that I can collect the encouragement I need for my big dreams. 

I am having a hard time getting old. There will be times that the thought of my age delimits me to certain things and feelings. The man in the story celebrated his 110th birthday at a very posh venue with the money he earned when he was 105 years old. 

I have dreams, and I hope to find that person of encouragement and don't let my age stop me from working on something bigger for my life. 

It's Thursday, though it really was a brain-freezing moment at work, having moments like this makes me say it's always gonna be my favorite day no matter what. 


  1. "I have dreams. Big dreams and I realize that I haven't really worked hard to achieve it."

    ...Ouch! Tinamaan ako sa linyang ito cher Kat :)
    Pareho tayo ng litanya ngayon, salamat at nabasa ko ito. Ito yung ilan sa mga nararamdaman ko na hirap akong i-express kasi ayokong masaktan sa pagkakataong ma-realize ko na nandun pa rin ako sa punto na nangangarap pa rin, yung parang so near yet so far peg hehehe.

    God bless u cher Kat! :)

    1. Marami pa yan Cher Jep! MArami pa, naka-draft na nga yung iba, di ko lang masulat nang buo ang mga agam-agam ko in life :)

  2. Ayoko na mag-comment, binubura mo naman. *hahaha!*

    1. Counter-tampo din ako... May gerpren ka na!!! huhuhubels... :'(

  3. We all have that moment kung kelan ganun din yung nararamdaman. May mga gustong maabot. Alam kung ano ang gagawin, pero hindi ginagawa.
    Maraming nakalagay sa to-do list, nadadagdagan lang, di naman lahat nagagawa.

    Hindi ka nag-iisa Yccos. Me karamay ka sa iyong mga hinaing.hehe

    1. Thank you for the consolation. Lols.

      For sure, all of us have great and big dreams :) :)
      Push lang nang push every day!


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