Cinderella on April Fools' Day

When talking about Disney princesses, Cinderella is the first name that comes to my mind. Though my favorite Disney movie had always been Tangled which features Rapunzel.

Since I am on holiday, I told myself that I will try to be that spontaneous girl that I used to be. Though I still had it planned. Laundry. Movie. TV Series. Sleep. Read. Stalk?. Bum. Sing. Relax. I had decided to devote the Holy Week to the things I had miss doing for the past two years. No browsing of job sites and  selective replies to emails. I was thinking of abstinence to social media, however, due to some reasons, I can’t. Someone might miss me or it’s the other way around :P Hehehe..

I started last Sunday J with a #Fambam! Yesterday, Monday, I did laundry. Folded clothes. Sorted books and ate that discounted cheese pizza at Sbarro for Php49. What a great day!Today I downloaded and watched Cinderella for my 3rd day of Bumming.

The story of Cinderella had always been associated with dreams coming true. When I was a child, I had always associated fairytales with:

a.      a damsel in distress and a prince coming to the rescue.
b.      a kiss of true love
c.       a happy everafter ending

After watching Cinderella and reading reviews and critics about it, this modern Cinderella story took it to a different level.

There’s more to see than just a happy everafter ending, it now includes:


Cinderella used to live a very comfortable life with her very doting mother and merchant father. Her mother’s last words before she died was:

When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic.

She attempted to go to the Royal Ball wearing her late mother’s gown. The stepmother, probably feeling threatened by her beauty and grace and do not want to be associated with her, tore her gown and leaving her hopeless to see the Prince Charming again. She never fought them back. Then, came magic! Her Fairy Godmother appeared and did everything so she can go to the Royal Ball and dance with the prince.

After all the abuse she had gone through with her stepmom and her daughters, in the end, Cinderella chose to forgive them. Leaving all those emotional baggage behind as she start a new life with Prince Charming Kit.


After her father died and her stepmom decided to keep her as a housemaid, she kept herself busy and occupied with chores so she can move on with her life.

Another one, the first time she met the prince in the forest, she bravely uttered:

“Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

Letting the prince promise not to hunt and kill the stag.


This is my favorite one. Will always be.

Prince: Who are you?
Cinderella: I am Cinderella. Your majesty, I’m no princess. I have no carriage. No parents. No dowry. I do not even know if that beautiful slipper would fit but if it does, will you take me as I am? I’m only this country girl who loves you.
Prince: Of course I will, but only if you will take me as I am. An apprentice to learning his trade.

I played back that part several times. I tried to memorize the lines.

I am my Princess. I have dreams. In my dreams, I learned to have faith. No matter how cruel this world seems to be, I can still find kindness everywhere and I try to be one myself. No matter how cruel this world is, I take courage with me to face every challenge. Ultimately, I have never stop dreaming of finding my prince who will accept me as I am and to whom I will gladly do the same.

Today is April Fools’ Day. And I am dreaming.

It is a dream I am dreaming while I am awake. I may be a fool. But all I want is a love story that is mine and that is true.


  1. Love this post! Absolutely, you are the princess of your own fairy tale. I am sure you'll find that prince who will accept you just the way you are. Keep those dreams alive.

  2. Wow, may light review and reflection. The who ang ka-miss mo? :D


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