The End for a Brand New Start

While it is clear that I will be ending my teaching 2-year stint with an unclear whereto just yet, I keep getting the same question of  Why? Why stop teaching? 

Teaching will always be my passion. No doubt. The years I had spent with kids and co-teachers made me love teaching more. How I entered the academe may have been a lot easier compared to others however, leaving it appeared to be far more difficult. I am not turning my back to this advocacy. It is education that changed my life! I am where I am right now, I know what I know right now because I learned from my teachers in school. They may not have taught me everything but they let me acquire the skills to learn other things. 

When my mentor told me that in making decisions, just ask one question, "What is the most important thing to you?" 

That is a very easy question to answer for me. My family. My family is the most important thing for me. It is also my passion to share my blessings to them. To give my parents their hard-earned comfort and joy of being the one on the receiving end. It is my joy to see my brothers and sisters enjoy their lives. Share whatever we have and maybe extend whatever we have to others outside our homes. 

Leaving the school and kids where I taught for two years is not easy. I did not come in as an ordinary teacher, I came in with big dreams and maybe big head as well that I can change the system in two years. 

Letting people realize that education can change our lives for the better will always be my passion. That every Filipino child gets equal access to quality education. In my two years of stay in the public school, I realized that the issue goes way beyond the four walls of the classroom. We have great and wonderful public school teachers. Passionate. Dedicated. Loving. They need support. For them to effectively teach these kids in the classroom, they need support. Not just a pat on the back but a more concrete support for them to keep going every day. Another is, everything starts at home. Everything. What happened to responsible parenthood? It will always be Values over Intelligence. No doubt, our values are formed at home.

My mission now goes beyond the four walls of the classroom.

For the meantime, I need to find that career that will enable me to support myself and my family and then hopefully it gets extended to more people.


  1. I agree. We need to also support our teachers. You're so spot on.

    All the best to your career search. I might be doing that very soon too.

    1. Much as I wanted to stay, .... hmm.. lemme describe how Kiyosaki said it, "It will chew me and spit me out."

      I don't wanna stop doing something because I hated it. I am stepping out to explore of other options how I can help the teachers. Sayang ang galing nila.

      May the good Lord bless us in our career endeavours! Mahirap, but i believe that God will always give me the one that is best for me and for Him as well :) :) :)

    2. Yes, God is always great. He will guide us with our next career. :)

  2. This sounded like a speech you can share to people. It is most passionate and sincere. As always, all the best to you Cher Kat. There is always something to learn, share and teach others, just like being a teacher, wherever you will be. God bless!

    1. When I was writing it, I was thinking of having it delivered as a speech. I always be :) :) :) And I am so happy to have met you while I was teaching! Laking tulong ng mga binabasa kong blogs from you, in all aspects :)

  3. Good luck on your future career path! Job hunting din ako ngayon e. :p

    1. *fist bump* la lalala lalala..

      Galingan natin sa ating mga upcoming interviews and pray that God will give us the best :)

  4. Punta ka na dito sa Baguio. Tapos Sagada tayo. Yun lang gagawin natin at magpakalunod sa kape hahahahaha


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