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Last Saturday, November 23, 2013, I attended the Google Teachers' Workshop in Manila. Obviously, majorly sponsored my Google and hosted by De La Salle University Manila.

It's a free seminar given by the Outreach for South East Asia of Google to all teachers in selected areas in the Philippines. It was mentioned that it was a pioneer project by Google anchored in their hopes of building a community of educators who share, inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology solutions, both in the classroom and beyond.

The workshop talked about the basics of google apps like the Gmail and Google Drive and how it can be utilized. The presentations are freely available on this site:
Click this link to be re-directed to the training website

Although, the seminar didn't really meet my expectations as an attendee, for most of the functionality discussed are mostly applications I am currently using with my colleagues, there were still new things I had learned:

1. The Google Like a Boss way of searching:

2. The research advance settings in searching and filtering in the Google Search Engine, how to narrow it down in terms of language, posting date, sites, usage rights, file type and reading level (this one, I really don't understand yet)

3. The Google Drive. In there, you can make documents (word), spreadsheets (excel), presentation (powerpoint) and forms (surveys, quizzes, etc) The best feature about it, is that files can be worked on simultaneously by users who share files.  They can edit, update, restore files, all together. The users can also do research, and chat all at the same window! The power of collaboration boosted by the internet and google drive! All available to a maximum number of 50 users for one shared file.

When I talked with the VP for Cloud Consultancy as to what I was expecting for the workshop, the applications for tablets and anroid I can use inside the classroom, like educational games, math applications, flashcards, phonics and others, he said that those kind of apps are available at Play Store and Google does not really make those kinds. It is the third party developers who really do it and pilot it.

They introduced Google+, the social network developed by Google, I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

I had started loving Google Hangout more! It had been my way of communication with my older brothers. I had just known yesterday that in the Video party, 10 people can do a video conference all at the same time. Oh my! I can now imagine how our Christmas will be :)

All in all, the seminar workshop had been a great way to let the teachers know that there a lot of things that can make our work lives a lot more easier. THey just have to open up themselves to change and embrace the fact that we are now living in community that is widely dependent on and that the internet, whom they think is a rival for every kids' attention, is a friend and great tool, only if they are aware of those Google apps and other softwares that can be used in the classroom.


  1. Dapat andito ako last saturday. its so happened na BSP rin namin.. sayang!!!sad face

    1. Yaan mo na, malay mo sa mga susunod pang trainings, magkita na tayo :)

  2. The best thing about this seminar is that it was free. I hope to learn more from Google as well so that file sharing can be used even if I am working at home. Our computers in school are connected only when I am using their computers (we have four different locations), and sometimes, I needed something at seven or eight at night and I need to wait to go to school the next day to continue with what I am doing.

    1. Google Drive is a great way to stay connected. Our work files are online. So when I go home, I dont usually need to bring any gadgets with me because I can access it at home and automatically saves everytime I type. I suppose, google is an accessible page in your school, you might wanna consider getting an active google drive so you can get files anytime you need it :D .... hahaha... lakas ko magpromote.. lols..

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. Aba, bago ang pic!

  3. wow. another teacher thing. paseminar-seminar na lang si mam. XD

  4. Natuwa ako dun sa searching technique. Some of it, I already know hehe :D

    Parang not user friendly naman yang Google+ lol

  5. eto ung mga event na worth it ng time and effort ee,
    once in my life pinangarap ko din maging teacher ee,
    pero naisip ko wala kong chaga haha, anyway google +
    mejo nasilip ko naman na sya oks oks lang din

  6. Dropping by to say Hi! and THANK YOU for being a part of my fruitful two years!


  7. salamat sa paglagay ng link. balikan ko bukas at mag explore :)


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