From Sounds to Syllables

Thirty minutes had passed  and we are still not yet through with Reading Drill #1. 

She was perspiring non-stop.

Cher: Pagod ka na? Gusto mo bukas naman?
JM:(shakes her head) Ok lang po ako. 

Wipes her face, goes back to uttering the sounds of every letter in the CVC word. Every time she reads a word, she would look up to me, her eyes seeking affirmation then I would say, "Yes, very good." She goes back to reading, perspiring, wiping her face, pushing herself to read.

The only way for me to survive this phase is step into their shoes, feel their struggles and learn with them side by side. When I discovered that most of my kids are non and frustrated readers, honestly, I felt weak. I felt helpless. How can I teach these concepts if they can't read?! How can I meet the expectations of the organization? How can I prove that I am a teacher?

Then I realized, most of the things I know and have learned weren't fed to me by my teachers, I got it from my love of reading. My teachers taught me the love of reading.

Put aside the curriculum for now. They need to learn to READ. I've tried to teach the non-readers the concepts of the curriculum, we all end up exhausted. Disappointed of ourselves and very low mastery level. The major feeling is FRUSTRATION.

Cher: Alam mo bang hindi ka marunong magbasa? 
JM: (Nods her head)
Cher: Sa totoo lang masakit ang puso ni teacher kasi di ka pa marunong, pero alam kong matuto kang magbasa.
JM: Opo Teacher Kat, gusto ko po talaga mag-aral magbasa. 
Cher: Oo. Kaya natin to. Basta dapat kahit sa bahay magbabasa ka. Dito practice lang lagi. 
JM: Cher, sa Lunes po ba kasama na ko sa remedial? Para po masabi ko na kay mama na makakapagbasa na ko. (I had just discovered today that she is a non-reader though she know the sight words, probably she memorized most of them)
Cher: Yes. Kasama ka na. 
JM: Yes! Bye Cher! 

A good start. Eagerness. The push.

I may be seen as someone teaching for this country, but I am just aiming for one kid at a time. I hope and pray that I can keep this eagerness in me aflame all the way. May God be with me always. For without Him, I am nothing. 


  1. Patience lng Cher Kat :))

    Mahusay ka naman na guro, kaya I believe matututo din ang mga kids na magbasa. Huwag mo silang sukuan, kasi hindi rin sila sumusuko na matuto :)

    Kaya yan!

    1. Yes. I wont give up on them. Every day, tyey give me reason not to do so. Their little smiles always inspires me to push myself to be always prepared and ready.

  2. When I asked some of the children the last time I was there, three of them were reading the books but when I asked them if they understood, they all said no. Sad to hear but the reality indeed of not having a good foundation at their earlier years. The first grade teachers should start anew with their reading programme because it is so weak. You cannot accomplish much if the students will struggle with the basics of reading, writing, math. I commend your remedial classes but I do hope that you will also take care of yourself. Be strong in your faith and love to the children. God bless you!

    1. They had been using Marungko and Fuller Approach forever in here. Which I guess is ok, But there are really other factors to consider like parental involvement and support-physically and morally. Most of these children were already labeled at home as bobo, tamad, salot, bulol and other terms. Its a bit hard to change their mindset at a very young age but its not to late. I just knew. Most of them, would really like to be in school. Pumapasok kahit may sakit, when I asked why, they just say, mas masaya kasi sa school.

  3. I admire you teacher Cher:) yes, God is with you;)

    1. Thank you mamijoy :)

      the term cher came from the word teacher... hehehe.. pag tinatawag kasi nila kami, shortcut na..cher kat na lang...hahaha

  4. I salute u. I can relate. I used be a teacher before.. Sa sunday school nga lang... JM is willing i know makakapagbasa rin sya syempre sa tulong mo din teacher kat. More power sayo at sa mga katulad mo. ;)


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