10 Years From Now.

I always look forward to this moment that I can just sit in front of my computer and begin typing away my thoughts. It had been awhile that I had reflected on my life. I had been too absorbed by many things that I had simply forgotten to ponder on all of them. 

I am currently completing Summer Institute, a two-month program designed to prepare me not just an ordinary teacher, but a transformational teacher. Quite ambitious dare I say. Yes, it is. I am part of a bunch of people who dreams of building a nation of excellence, where no one is left behind.  As I look back on that moment of deciding if this is a job for me, I had set aside that main point of the organization- the social change advocacy-equality in education and opportunity. Makes me think, what am I doing here? I just wanted to be a teacher. Doubts had filled me in if I really can fulfill the bestowed task of transformation. I will not be able to see it soon. As challenge by Wendy Kopp, the CEO of Teach for All, as teacher, I should ask myself: 

“What do I want my students to become, 10 years from now?”

This question will always be the leverage of my actions inside the classroom, my interactions with the kids, their parents and my colleagues. Teaching subject concepts is a very easy task. Everything is just a click away, and I mean, everything about schoolwork. Looking for help on how to be a great teacher can also be found in every book about teaching. A rubric had been presented to measure how effective you are of a leader/teacher. 

I am afraid, for myself and for the kids who will be under my care for the next two years. But I am not letting my fear stop me answering the question. 

What do I want them to be ten years from now?

A total shift of mindset is necessary for me. I gotta fix myself soon.


  1. well as long as the passion for teaching and learning is there
    I guess our youth is on the right track,
    however it doesn't to the teachers alones but to the students and their parents as well

    1. Thank you mecoy :)

      yep...its a teacher and parent's job to mold them. And as a teacher, I have fears din talga na baka hindi ko magampanan yung role for the kids... but im working on it... :D

  2. I'm sure with your hard work and dedication in mentoring those kids, maaabot mo lahat ang nais mong marating upang maging isang ganap na guro sa hinaharap :)

    Teaching is such a noble profession.

    So proud of you Kat, malapit mo nang makamit yan.
    God Bless!

    1. thanks fiel-kun :D
      I still have a lot to learn...and minsan, may mga tamad moments din...hehehe.. pero we will see, with the kids' future on my hands, i hope to be a better person for myself and for them...

  3. I'm sure you'll figure it out. I mean, 10 years is still a loooong way to go, and I do know you'll get to the point where you're sure about what you want to be.

    Everyday is a lesson, and you don't have to figure out your life yet just to become a successful teacher. I know you'll get there. Kapit lang. :)

    1. i hope so too.. They will be under my care for two years lang and its quite ambitious for us to be able to see a big change in 10 years... pero yun nga, kapit lang :D

  4. it's an profession that no one ever really finishes.. that is learning to teach. So please continue your dream teacher meow and passed it on.


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