Stalker mode activated. Girl checks out the boy's profile, saw the posts, read the comments. Deep Sigh. Girl scans the list, looks for a girl's name, clicks on it. Saw the posts, read the comments, saw the boy's name again, there's a smiley and then a "mwuah". Girl suddenly stopped, stared at the monitor display, blinks a few times, holds her right hand onto her chest- it still hurts.

....... to be continued.


  1. hahahaha... kaka relate ha... ganyan naman yata tayong mga bitter... ahh basta, lilipas din yan... tell the new person na stop messing with your mess kasi hindi ka pa moved on...

  2. boom! it will take time and a new person to help forget that mess.. minsan hindi mapigilan ang pagiging masokista, basta magsasawa na lang bigla :D

  3. yeah I agree... marami akong bitterness strategies ... pwede nating pag-usapan yan///hehehe

  4. Bitterness101 ba to? lol Salamat pala sa pagbisita saking kastilyo :)

  5. we all have these episodes, hahaha!


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