2013 GOALS.

There is light in darkness.

I was scrolling down at my Facebook page and I noticed that everyone seems to be setting goals for 2013, then I realized, haven't thought about it at all.

This year, I had acquired my personal planner from Starbucks, and it was my first time. I had thought of stopping getting planners yearly and stick to a smaller notebook which is more handy. On the first day I had acquired the sticker booklet, I had never thought of completing it. But then, thanks to my friends, and some generous people at the counter who would say they dont collect stickers, I get to acquire more stickers without paying that more or less Php 3000 for a planner. And yes, as they say, I give a spark of hope to some unfortunate people somewhere, I hope I really do.

Going back to my goals for 2013. Let me make a list:

Be thrifty
Save more
Exercise more
Less rice (I cant abide with the no rice policy, I am a rice person. Lol)

Refresher on Methods on Teaching and General Physics
TESOL Certificate
Renew my PRC License 


Learn how to drive a car
Get an Open Water Diving License
Climb more mountains

That's not yet complete. I'm busy thinking about something else. The ADD in me is active.


  1. parang ako hindi ko kayang pantayan ang mga nais mong ma-achieve this year

    i hope you get everything in the bag...
    happy new year...

  2. ayan po ay dala lamang nang pagka-ambisyosa ko habang nagsusulat nyan..haha.... ang gusto ko lang nman talaga ay makasakay ng eroplano...lol

    Pero syempre, We Dream BIG! Happy New Year Señor!

  3. You should be like this again :)


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