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Backward Narrative

Quite a way to end a 5-day straight workweek which doesnt really happen a lot of times. For which I am grateful.

Capping the night with an episode of Black Mirror Season 2, White Bear. The thoughts are a bit heavy, so I am sleeping on it tonight. But it was quite an event before I got in my apartment. For almost an hour, I got locked out and my key wouldn't work. I know that calling my boss who had a stressful day would not be a good idea, I decided to bother one of closest Japanese friend who happens to live a few blocks away as well. To make the long story short he managed to fix the lock while speaking to a CSRep on the phone. I was really afraid that I may need to sleel somewhere else tonight. Luckily, I don't have to.

I also got to try a new fusion restaurant serving really good food. Ms.C really knows where to find the good ones.

Freetalk Saturday came in as a good surprise! I got to know new things about people again and again. I can't help but be simply amazed.

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